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Since 2012

We convert the home videos you have on DVD to Digital MP4 so you can play them on all your devices

You recorded them; hire DIGIRAW to future-proof them.

Grandma & Grandpa watching at a converted home video on thier ipad

Let's transfer your Home Movies/Videos to MP4 and revive forgotten memories

When was the last time you watched your family home videos?

Many of us said goodbye to our VHS players a long time ago and had our tapes transferred to DVD, but hang on; chances are, now you don't have a DVD player either, leaving your fond memories on disc impossible to enjoy.

Neither tape nor DVD is infallible, so it's a perfect time for DIGIRAW to transfer your life stories to mp4, and unlike DVDs, you can save your digital mp4 videos as many times as you like guaranteeing you always have a backup that will never degrade.

Playing your converted DVD memories has never been so easy. Many of our clients upload them to their cloud account and invite friends and family to download them. Others create private Youtube channels and upload them for anywhere, any device streaming (more on this below).

Phones | Tablets | Computers | TVs

Play your DVD to MP4 life stories on all your devices

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Phones | iOS & Android


Tablets | iOS & Android


Laptops & Computers

Smart TV

TVs & Streamers

Couple watching an old horse show family home video on thier TV
Enjoying an old horse show home video on an iPhone

Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere

The options to play and share your MP4 memories are endless

  • Cloud
    Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive

    Uploading your MP4 videos to Cloud service is an excellent way to backup your cherished memories and play them on your devices wherever you have internet. What's more, you can invite friends and family members to download them too. Perfect for sharing fond times with your loved ones, especially those living miles away.

  • Smartphones, tablets & computers
    Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

    Save your mp4 files to your computer and copy them to your smartphones and tablets for offline play. Most devices come pre-loaded with a video player or the option to download your Cloud providers app, but if not, we recommend the free media player app from VLC that is super simple to use. Also available from your App Store.

  • Apple Airplay or Android Cast
    Smartphones, Tablets

    With your videos loaded on your mobile devices, you can Apple Airplay or Android cast your home videos from one of your devices to your Smart TV wirelessly. If your TV is a bit old but has an HDMI port, consider adding one of the little streaming devices such as Apple TV or Shield TV.

  • YouTube your home videos
    YouTube logo
    We can set this up for you

    A private Youtube channel/playlist is a great way to share your cherished memories with friends and family.

    The privacy setting allows you to invite up to 50 YouTube subscribers to play your home videos. All you need is the email address they used to set up their free YouTube account. Then when you add them to your channel, Youtube will email them a link inviting them to enjoy your videos.

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Portable storage hard drive included

Connect directly to your computer or TV using the USB port

Connecting a USB portable storage drive to a laptop

We will convert the home movies you have on DVD, MiniDVD and Blu-ray HD discs to MP4 and transfer them to a USB memory stick. Then, pop it into your computer or TV and start enjoying your special moments.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will format your portable drive to exFAT, which is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

amily watching converted home videos on their TV

More recent TVs accept an exFAT formatted USB portable drive, but sometimes NTFS is required, which is also Windows PC compatible. Don't worry; we will establish this with your order, even if that means us looking up the brand and model of your TV.

Your easy plug-and-play experience is of paramount importance to us.

Kids on a home video playing
Let's do this

As a specialist disc to digital transfer service, we understand how precious your home videos are, so you can rest assured your life stories are in safe hands.

Converted Home video of dauthers wedding in church

The original disc to digital company

Nobody can match our obsession and experience when it comes to disc-to-digital home media solutions. That's why, when you book our service, you have the confidence of knowing Chris, the founder, will be taking care of it. Only the best will do in Chris's world, and the same can be said for his crew.



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